The Curios case of filters!

May 14, 2020

May 14, 2020

Having the filters in the wrong place can increase your drop off rate and directly impact your revenue!

My Shopping Journey from Reebok to Nike and back to Reebok!

I decided to buy shoes for my kids today and this took me to reebok online and i was not able to find a size for my son, than moved to Adidas and same size problem. Couldn’t find the size — All sold out!

I choose these two because I get a discount from my employer so my motivation was already very high due to price discount I would get on both retail stores.

When I could not find what I was looking for, I decided to go to Nike.

Now my problem started. Assuming Nike is such a big brand and they must have surely invested huge resources in UX design and understanding their target audience. I was surprised and also frustrated by their overall experience.

Why? Lets disect this bad boy


As you can see the there is a lot to choose from. I can understand people might be interested in all these things. But you are giving me so much choice.

Im only interested in shoes for my son who is 4–8 years. Now I had to spend a couple of minutes. Rule No 1 of usability “Don’t make me think?”.

I had to think and engage my thinking part of the brain 🙂 which I usually do not like to use while im shopping online.

So the first issue I encountered was more around my choice and where I wanted to go

  1. Shop by size (as im in Canada I had no clue how these sizes worked?)

My Second Problem is this screen! Do you see what I see?


I see that they are showing all possible products for this category and that’s fine. But im interested in shoes for kids between the ages of 4–8 years old remember. How do I drill down to that.

This is what I tried to do

  1. I tried clicking on the Hide filters (which actually hid the filters on the left) how stupid of me and I though I was going to open up the filters. But the question is why would i want hide the filters? Is that really necessary as im assuming they are there to help me to better navigate and converge on my choices. I completely ignored the hide filter text and just focused on the filters icon because these actions with sort are always together using the rule of proximity. There was no error prevention i.e im going to hide filters.

Ok, no problem I’m a Nike fan I’ll find a way, I really like their products and my son already has one and its a really great shoe. I’ll give them a chance.

  1. Ok so I click Boys


Now there is another problem which is how content is shown its not showing completely? Why Nike! and before I come to that, I tried scrolling all the way down to the page Voila! I found it.

Finally I found it.But now there is another problem! Whats the C with the numbers. Cleary ive not done enough shopping for my kids especially with shoes! I need to learn more around that. But why make me think?

Im going to stick to the Size Range instead of Size — im not sure why but ill take my chances. Why size range and size? Just size works? May be the users at Nike like that! and i might be completely wrong!

Im endlessly scrolling trying to find something that might interest me

Im loosing interest but thats ok i need to find a shoe

Ok i found one!

Im not going to give up

  1. There is US11C, i know my sons size is 11. And what does see C mean?

Ok! how do i know for what age?

At this time i gave up and ive gone back to reebok now — i had already made a purchase for my other son for whom i found a size and i took me literally 3 to 5 minutes to buy as i had to look for my credit card and completed my purchase completely on my mobile and also got a discounted price.

Lets quickly look how Reebok does it in 3 steps

Step 1 — Open the website — Im looking for a shoe for my son who is 1–4 years old — Can you help me Reebok?

Landing page

The Reebok Mega menu so called — you must be kidding! Reebok thats all you have!

But pretty awesome!

I see boys and shoes — I’m going to click that. Oh wait! i also see Children (4–8 years). Nows thats what im talking about.

Step 2 — Choosing the shoe — i have no idea what type of shoe im looking for right now — lets see if i find something interesting —

Ok i see you now! My filters oh how much i missed you and respect you!

Lets see what happens!

Ok i see — No Y and no C’s just K’s. Ok simple enough. I see 8. Awesome, my wife told he is size 8. Thanks Reebok 🙂 — For size 8 you need to scroll! but you get my point right :-).

Step 3- I click 8 and Voila!

I like this one!

And the rest is history, i chose size 8 and checked out! its already on its way! A successful purchase in less than 5 minutes!

As UX designers its our role to focus on the user needs but also focus on the user journey and understand where the users might feel frustrated — So a lesson learned for me as well.

Filters can be very powerful or completely ruin the whole experience and we need to think on how they might help the user and what does that experience and interaction look like.

Thanks for reading! and im still a fan of Nike 🙂

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