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INK Consultants is the leading education advisory and consultancy service in Kuwait.

With an unrivalled reach into the world’s best destinations like the UK, US, Australia & Canada University network, we help and advise families from around the world to reach their maximum potential and gain access to the very best of education.

Our business is built on the quality and integrity of our people. With close links to senior figures within the education industry we are proud to offer expert advice that puts students at the centre of the process.

Our aim is to prepare students from very early age by exposing them to various career paths and helping in discovering themselves!

We believe higher education around the world is operating in an unparalleled period of change and disruption. Expectations are on the rise on its value and contribution to employers, individuals and society at large.

Fostering a greater understanding and driving innovation between students, educators, and employers is important for sustained impact and success for all stakeholders in higher education at local, national and global levels.

Services to Education sector

We do this through a range of programs, services, and initiatives that

INK International Partnerships has developed into a thought leader in strategic academic partnership building and leverages INK’s vast network of international institutions and government partners to provide unparalleled access to key decision makers Kuwait.

Strategic Partnerships

Guide higher education institutions in developing strategic partnerships

Accrediting Degree

Support in accrediting degree programs by a reputable universities


Offer roadmap towards listing the university or college into some of the leading world ranking tables

Research Collaboration

Cultivate international multi-lateral research collaboration

International Education

Build international education capacity at higher education institutions

Foster Diplomacy

Foster diplomacy through higher education cooperation

Leader in education & workforce transformation in Kuwait.

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