Design Thinking

Design Thinking Course Overview

Master the Design Thinking Process

In this Design Thinking course, learn how to use design thinking to solve complex business problems and develop user-oriented solutions.

Understand Customer Needs

Use industry tools and processes to gather user insights, develop an understanding of customer needs, and identify problems to be solved.

Build and Test Prototypes

Build, test, and iterate prototypes to assess user experience and potential customer buy-in while elevating the quality of the solution.

Earn a Ink Consultant Certificate


Course Overview

Ink Consultants's Design Thinking Training provides companies and individuals with the skills to implement the design thinking process as a problem-solving framework. Professionals will learn the systematic process of design thinking, adopting a user-centric approach while prototyping, testing, and iterating solutions that provide a competitive advantage.


What You'll Learn

Customer Empathy
Prototyping and Validation
Applied Design Thinking


The Ink Experience

Learn Cutting-Edge Techniques
Taught by Instructors with experience working in the field, learn the most in-demand concepts, skills, and tools.

Gain Hands-On Experience
Work on projects in a collaborative setting to apply new concepts and techniques and develop your skills.

Course Curriculum and Tools

Empathy plays a critical role in the design thinking process, serving as the cornerstone of well-developed, user-centric products and services. Learn the techniques used to develop empathy for users, and to understand the true needs of customers.

How you’ll apply what you learn:

Conduct interviews and build research-backed personas for the problem at hand. Define customer needs statements for these personas to establish their needs, wants and desires.

Leverage unique ideation techniques in order to develop innovative new solutions for users. Once ideation sessions have been completed, understand best practices to refine solution ideas and develop a clear feature set.

How you’ll apply what you learn:

Using your personas and needs statements, complete a number of ideation sessions for potential solutions. Then, refine your ideas and define a feature set.

Testing a solution through a lightweight prototype is critical to determining if the proposed product or service truly meets customer needs. Develop a prototype and test with potential users to generate feedback. Using this feedback refine your prototype into a usable, sound solution for the users.

How you’ll apply what you learn:

Select the ideal prototyping method for your organization and develop a prototype to be with potential users. Continue to refine your prototype with additional feedback.

Learn how the ideas developed in design thinking sessions come to life. Explore strategies for gaining buy-in regarding proposed solutions and new ideas, and learn how to inject the design thinking process into any organization or process.

How you’ll apply what you learn:

Develop a short presentation to pitch your solution.

Your Instructors

Ink Consultants’s Instructors come from a global network of industry leaders representing some of the world’s most innovative companies. Passionate and at the cutting-edge of their fields, Instructors are directly involved in building and updating Ink Consultants’s certificate courses, ensuring professionals are always learning the very latest digital skills, techniques, and tools.

Mubeen Ahmad

Co-Founder (North America) / UX Lead Coach

Frenklin hasani

Lead Trainer / UX Designer

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