UI Design

User Interface Design Course Overview

Design Beautiful Interfaces

In this User Interface Design course, understand how typography, color, and layout intersect to create beautifully designed interfaces.

Bring Designs to Life

Learn the fundamentals of interaction and motion design to take your designs to the next level and delight users.

Develop Functional Prototypes

Use InVision, an industry standard design tool, to assemble and share clickable wireframes.

Earn a Ink Consultant Certificate

Master User Interface Design Tools


Course Overview

User Interface (UI) design is the practice of transforming user goals and requirements into beautiful, intuitive, and functional digital interfaces. Taught by industry experts, Ink Consultants User Interface Design Certificate Course uses a collaborative, project-based learning model that mimics what UI Designers experience in the field. By the end of the course, students will be ready to build engaging websites and applications, with a firm grasp of leading design principles, best practices, and first-hand experience with Sketch and InVision.


Your Final User Interface Design Project

To earn your User Interface Design certificate, you will develop and design a mobile application, from conception through to a clickable prototype — with your own UI scheme. The theme of your application can be part of the class project, or a topic of your choosing.


The Ink Experience

Learn Cutting-Edge Techniques
Taught by Instructors with experience working in the field, learn the most in-demand concepts, skills, and tools.

Gain Hands-On Experience
Work on projects in a collaborative setting to apply new concepts and techniques and develop your skills.

Course Curriculum and Tools

Throughout the course, you'll use the techniques and tools below to solve real-world UI design problems, developing your skills and knowledge with hands-on experience.

Sketching and Wireframing – Sketch, Design Trends

Sketching and wireframing are invaluable throughout the design process, helping to test ideas and get feedback with minimal upfront investment. You’ll learn to wireframe using Sketch, one of the most widely used tools in web and application design. Beyond learning to use the tool, you’ll also leverage plugins that optimize workflow and assist in designing beautiful, usable interfaces.

How you’ll apply what you learn:

Use Sketch to design and test high-fidelity wireframes that leverage design best practices and up-to-date trends.

Learn theories and best practices behind typography, branding and color to add fidelity to design. While discussing best practices, we’ll review accessibility guidelines and considerations to ensure that all individuals are able to access information on your designs.

How you’ll apply what you learn:

Design an interface, including defining a style guide surrounding typography, color, and imagery.

Humans interact with applications differently than they interact with websites. Explore best practices for designing mobile applications, including leveraging both iOS and Android Design systems. You’ll also explore UI elements specific to mobile application design.

How you’ll apply what you learn:

Create a design for a mobile application.

Interaction and movement are critical to bringing an interface to life and directing users’ attention on the screen.

How you’ll apply what you learn:

Learn the principles of interaction design to understand how we perceive products in real life and digitally.

Prototyping is a key step of web or mobile app development process. Create beautiful end-to-end experiences by linking designs together into a prototype. By the end of the course, you will mimic a real application or web page that is ready to be handed off to a developer. You’ll also learn how to package files and assets for this handoff.

How you’ll apply what you learn:

Build an interactive prototype in InVision and test the design.

Your Instructors

Ink Consultants’s Instructors come from a global network of industry leaders representing some of the world’s most innovative companies. Passionate and at the cutting-edge of their fields, Instructors are directly involved in building and updating Ink Consultants’s certificate courses, ensuring professionals are always learning the very latest digital skills, techniques, and tools.

Mubeen Ahmad

Co-Founder (North America) / UX Lead Coach

Frenklin hasani

Lead Trainer / UX Designer

Flexible Payment Plan Options

3/6/12 Month Payment plans