UX Design

UX Design Course Overview

Identify User Needs

In this User Experience Design course, gain hands-on experience interviewing users, developing personas, and defining problems to be solved.

Create Intuitive Experiences

Design navigable layouts and components that solve your users’ problems.

Develop Functional Prototypes

Use industry standard design tools like InVision to assemble and share clickable wireframes.

Earn a Ink Consultant Certificate

Master User Experience Design Tools


Course Overview

The User Experience (UX) Design Certificate Course was designed to give professionals the skills required to improve the user experience of their product or digital properties. Taught by industry leaders, the course uses a project-based learning model, ensuring professionals gain hands-on experience creating engaging websites designed with the user firmly in mind.


Your Final User Experience Design Project

To complete your User Experience Design certificate, you will develop and design a mobile application, from conception through to a clickable prototype — with your own UI scheme. The theme of your application can be part of the class project, or a topic of your choosing.


The Ink Experience

Learn Cutting-Edge Techniques
Taught by Instructors with experience working in the field, learn the most in-demand concepts, skills, and tools.

Gain Hands-On Experience
Work on projects in a collaborative setting to apply new concepts and techniques and develop your skills.

Course Curriculum and Tools

Learn how to conduct interviews and create personas to understand the needs of your users, and keep them at the center of your design process.

How you’ll apply what you learn:

Conduct user research for a particular problem space, including interviewing potential users. Build research-backed personas to guide the design process.

Learn how to structure information in a way that is clear to your users and helps them achieve their goals.

How you’ll apply what you learn:

With your personas in mind, begin to structure requirements into a well-defined organizational scheme using techniques such as card sorting.

Sketch simple screens, develop them into wireframes, and then test basic functionality to keep the goals of your users at the heart of your designs. Create the user interface from scratch, including defining branding, color, and fonts.

How you’ll apply what you learn:

Begin translating your solution from black and white paper sketches, into high-fidelity designs and test your designs to get feedback and iterate throughout the process.

Test the functionality of your designs with clickable prototypes in InVision that mimic a real product. Collect actionable feedback from your users in order to further develop your designs.

How you’ll apply what you learn:

Translate sketches into clickable prototypes using InVision. Continue to test and refine designs before reaching a final prototype ready to be developed.

Your Instructors

Ink Consultants’s Instructors come from a global network of industry leaders representing some of the world’s most innovative companies. Passionate and at the cutting-edge of their fields, Instructors are directly involved in building and updating Ink Consultants’s certificate courses, ensuring professionals are always learning the very latest digital skills, techniques, and tools.

Mubeen Ahmad

Co-Founder (North America) / UX Lead Coach

Frenklin hasani

Lead Trainer / UX Designer

Flexible Payment Plan Options

3/6/12 Month Payment plans